Terms and Conditions

When Entry Eligibility and Terms and Conditions as stated in the Application and Declaration Forms are not met, the entry will be disqualified.

Incomplete or post-deadline entry will automatically be declined.

False, fraudulent and omitted information, documentation or materials discovered even after the Awards Ceremony, accordingly, the awarded Awards and the recognition of both the applicants and the Company will be revoked automatically. The Trophy, certificate must be duly returned at the cost of the disqualified applicant and the Company. In addition, all costs incurred throughout for the Awards will be forfeited.

The final no. of winning enterprises will be determined by the performances and specific application and overall application of management disciplines. When there is no deserving company in some categories, there will not be any winners.

The judges’ decisions are final. No inquiry or appeal in any forms of communications will be allowed and or entertained. The nominees or participants at any phase, shall not resort to court proceedings to review the judges’ decision. The nominees or participants are considered as agreeable to these terms and conditions once being nominated for participation with duly signed application forms.

The Application and Declaration Forms must be duly signed by the authorized personnel with the highest ranking of the Company.

All submitted Application and Declaration Forms, as well as any submitted or accompanying materials will not be returned and shall remain as the property of the Organiser or Event owner.