Joint Organisers 聯辦單位

“Sin Chew Daily was incorporated in 1929, and has continued publications in various circumstances; under British colonialism, Japanese Occupation, Independence Movement, as well as the early years of nationhood until today.

Sin Chew Daily was suspended on two occasions; first during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya and Singapore between 1942 and 1945, and the second time was when the Malaysian government suspended Sin Chew Daily's licence under the Printing Presses and Publications Act in 1987. With the effort of the current chairman Tan Sri Sir Tiong Hiew King, Sin Chew Daily resumed publication on 8th April 1988.

The circulation of Sin Chew Daily has improved steadily ever since the resumption of its publication. Today, some 400,000 copies of the newspaper are sold each day, with more than 1.18 million people reading it in Malaysia, making Sin Chew Daily not only the best selling Chinese language newspaper in Southeast Asia, but also the largest Chinese language newspaper outside mainland China.

In October 2004, Sin Chew Daily, along with its sister publications Guang Ming Daily, Eye Asia, Sinchew.com.my and three educational publications Cahaya Sin Chew, Sinaran Sin Chew and Bintang Sin Chew, were formally restructured as Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad , and was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia.

On 29 January 2007, Sin Chew Media Corporation and the Ming Pao Group of Hong Kong announced a merger program, and invited the participation of Nanyang Press Holdings. Under the merger program, Sin Chew Media Corporation will acquire Ming Pao Enterprise through a reverse takeover as a positive step towards its globalisation plan. Ming Pao Enterprise will take over Sin Chew Media Corporation's listing status on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia, to become the fi rst company seeking a dual listing in both Malaysia and Hong Kong.

In January 2008, Sin Chew Media Corporation, Nanyang Press Holdings and Ming Pao Enterprise held their respective EGMs, and the merger program was accepted unanimously by all three EGMs.

The new group will be called Media Chinese International Limited. Among the Chinese language publications under its banner are Ming Pao, Sin Chew Daily, Guang Ming Daily, Nanyang Siang Pau, China Press, as well as Yazhou Zoukan, Eye Asia and more than 30 other periodicals. Ming Pau is published in four different editions in North America, namely Toronto, Vancouver, New York and San Francisco. They are joined by other publications under Tan Sri Sir Tiong's other companies such as Cambodia Sin Chew Daily, Harian Indonesia and the English language daily The National in Papua New Guinea.


《星洲日報》曾二度停刊,第一次是在1942至1945年,因日軍南侵,馬、新兩地相繼淪陷而被迫停刊﹔第二次是1987年遭馬來西亞政府援引出版和印刷法令吊銷出版准証。 1988年4月8日,在現任社長丹斯裡張曉卿爵士及高層的努力爭取之下,《星洲日報》得以復刊。




2008年1月,星洲媒體、南洋報業以及明報企業分別舉行股東特大。三個特大都以近100%的票數通過合並計劃。新集團取名“世華媒體”,旗下中文日報包括《明報》、《星洲日報》、《光明日報》、《南洋商報》、《中國報》,以及《亞洲周刊》、《亞洲眼》等三十多家雜志。其中,《明報》在北美發行4個地方版本,分別是多倫多版、溫哥華版、紐約版與三藩市版,外加張曉卿旗下公司出版的《柬埔寨星洲日報》、《印尼星洲日報》與巴布亞新幾內亞英文報《The National》,業務版圖分布得極廣。

Late 90s, to expand its media frontier, Sin Chew Daily made its digital presence as SinChew-i.com, and slowly evolving to its present form of SinChew.com.my. The sinchew.com. my is the principle news portal of MCIL Multimedia Sdn Bhd, under which there are also other news portals like guangming.com.my, nanyang.com, chinapress.com.my as well as an English news site at www.mysinchew.com

As of August 2013, SinChew.com.my boosts 2 million monthly unique visitors and page views of 18 million, making it the leading Chinese news portal in Malaysia.  

To fully embrace the all media era, SinChew.com.my sought to develop media strategy that enhances its content via multimedia element, as such its video production, news report, photo galleries could be seen on various platforms, including mobile sites, mobile applications on iOS and Andriod etc.


CIMB Group is Malaysia’s second largest financial services provider and one of ASEAN’s leading universal banking groups. CIMB offers conventional as well as Islamic products and services covering consumer banking, commercial banking, corporate banking, investment banking, asset management and bancassurance.


Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the Group is present in nine out of 10 ASEAN nations (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos). Beyond ASEAN, the Group has market presence in China, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, the US and UK.


CIMB’s Commercial Banking Regional Office has been set up to enable customers to leverage on the Group’s strong ASEAN presence and network.


As a corollary of CIMB Group’s regional infrastructure, the Commercial Banking arm is proud to have facilitated the business expansion of SMEs and Mid-Corps into our core markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Our role in each successful cross-border transaction is a testament of our key value proposition in bringing ASEAN closer to our business customers.


CIMB Group Commercial Banking offers a complete and seamless banking solutions covering both off-the-shelf and individually tailored products and financing services (conventional and Islamic) such as loan financing, transaction banking (trade financing and cash management solutions), treasuryrelated services and digital banking that meet the individual needs of clients across industries. Our experienced sales and coverage teams are well equipped to handle the different needs and requirements of corporates across all sectors.


Customers are able to benefit from our network of more than 6000 ATMs and Commercial Banking Centres with co-located Trade Services Centres across the region, servicing over 12 million customers.


For more information on our Commercial Banking products and services, please call 03-6204 7788, email [email protected] or visit www.cimbbank.com.my or www.cimbislamic.com.






為了讓客戶能充分善用集團在東盟的優勢及廣泛的網絡,我們也特別設立商業 銀行區域辦事處。




聯昌集團商業銀行提供完善的金融方案,包括現有與根據需求特別設定的專屬銀行產品及金融服務(傳統及回教銀行服務),比如借貸融資、交易處理(貿易融資及現金管理方案) 、營運資金的相關服務及電子銀行,以滿足客戶個別的企業需求。




欲知更多關於商業銀行的產品與服務詳情,請致電03-6204 7788,[email protected],或瀏覽 www.cimbbank.com.my 或 www.cimbislamic.com。

Fine Paper Takeo (M) Sdn Bhd is a leading specialist paper merchant in Malaysia. Established in 1997, in Kuala Lumpur, we have offices and warehouse in Northern, Central & Southern region, serving including Singapore market since year 2013.

We are committed to providing high quality service and products and ensure responsible usage of forest resources in our operation. We are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in year 2008.

Our company is supported by our main shareholder and head office, Takeo Co. Ltd, Japan, which has more than 100 years of history in the speciality paper industry.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Fine Paper Takeo (M) Sdn Bhd.

As paper specialists, we have deep insights into the way paper inspires the very essence of human communication throughout history. Our vision is to promote culture and to identify the essence of paper as the basis of communication.

We continually inspire current and future generations of consumers about the matchless qualities of fine paper.

• SUPPORTING PARTNER YEAR 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Skynet is one of the leading and fastest growing courier service provider in Malaysia. Established in 1992, Skynet has expanded their presence in the local scene with more than 80 full fledge stations and more than 60 Walk-In Centre to serve the consumer. It provides range of services from Special Pick-Up, Delivery, Diplomat Service, Bulk Mailing, Warehousing and Pick & Pack Services. In 2004, Skynet had developed a user friendly Track & Trace feature with imaging where customer can track their shipment status via www.skynet.com.my. In 2006, Skynet was ISO certified and with this recognition it has leads Skynet to a more systematic, competent and consumer oriented organization.

With extensive network and coverage areas supported by strong infrastructure and our strong alliance with our global partner TOLL Global Express for international movement, Skynet is able to provide Fast Accurate Reliable services to consumer locally and internationally.

In the 21st century, the convention and exhibition industry is one of the most important and fastest growing industries. One of the key ingredients for any successful meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE) or now better known as the business events is the location. The spectacular Setia City Convention Centre (the Centre), located in the heart of Setia Alam Township and it is centrally located as well as easily accessible from major urban centres of Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Subang via the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE).

Business events industry has become more and more important for companies as venue are the platform for them to gather, networking, learning centre, idea sharing as well as real opportunities to build lasting relationship.

For the past few years since its opening in November 2012, the Centre has hosted event from automotive, sports, home appliances, education, entertainment to beauty and fashion. Since then, the Centre has been receiving numerous enquiries on events and exhibitions. Thus, this has led to the expansion and the opening of new facilities namely Hall 1 & Hall 2 in November 2016 to cater the growing market of business events.

With its exquisite abstract triangle and rectangle vector building design, both Hall 1 & 2 combined can accommodate up to 350 booths for exhibitions, 4,000 people in banquet style seating and up to 8,000 people in theatre style arrangement. Moreover, the car park has increased to a total of 2,000 parking lots solely dedicated for the event participants.

The new expansion increases the Centre total sellable space to 9,390sqm. Both Hall 1 &2 can be configured for a multitude of requirements that will enhance every event experience.

The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Huazong) was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organisation representing the major Chinese associations in all the 13 states in Malaysia. The objectives of Huazong are :
(a) to promote goodwill and unity among the various races in the country;
(b) to discuss and deal with matters of importance and interest to the members;
(c) to offer views on government policies and implmentations affecting its members;
(d) to promote and participate in cultural, educational, social and economic work consistent with the Federal Constitution;
(e) to liaise with other societies having similar objectives.

1. 促進我國各民族親善與團結﹔
2. 商討與處理與會員有關的問題﹔
3. 針對影響會員的政府政策或措施提出意見﹔
4. 在符合聯邦憲法的原則下推動和參與文教、福利、社會及經濟工作﹔
5. 聯絡與本會宗旨相同的社團。

The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) is the national level organisation of the Chinese chambers of commerce and industry in Malaysia.

The ACCCIM was founded in 1947 as a society under Malaya’s Societies Act. It has 17 Constituent Chambers located separately in the 13 states of the nation. As at August 2013, direct and indirect membership of all Constituent Chambers are well over 300,000, representing Malaysian Chinese companies, individuals and trade associations.

Main objectives:
(1) To promote liaison and cooperation among the various Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, trade and/or industrial associations and/or business corporations in Malaysia for the protection and advancement of the interests of their members in respect of commerce, industry, primary industries and other economic activities.
(2) To study and formulate views, observations and recommendations of the Malaysian Chinese business community in respect of the nation's socio-economic development, so as to promote better understanding between the community and the Government and other public/private sector organisations, and in furtherance of this objective, to contribute towards the development of national economy and promotion of national unity.
(3) To collect, collate and disseminate information relating to commerce, industry and other economic sectors.
(4) To liaise with other Chambers of Commerce or economic organisations, in particular to organise or participate in meetings relating to economic matters, trade missions, exhibitions and other activities relevant to the promotion of economic cooperation. br>


(1) 促進馬來西亞各地華人工商會、商團與/或工業團體及/或商業公司的聯絡與合作,共同維護及爭取屬會會員在商業、工業、原產業及其他經濟活動方面的權益和發展。
(2) 研討及擬定馬來西亞華人工商界對國內社會經濟發展問題的見解和建議,借以促進與政府或其他機構或團體間的了解與合作,共同致力於發展國民經濟和加強全民團結。
(3) 匯集、整理及傳播有關工商及其他經濟活動的資料。
(4) 聯絡其他商會或經濟團體,主辦或參加經濟會議、工商考察團、工商展覽會及其他有關促進經濟合作的活動。

MRCA acts as an excellent avenue for retail businesses to network and exchange ideas, share resources and to promote the healthy expansion of the retail industry in Malaysia and abroad.

MRCA aims to create a highly supportive environment to build retail businesses and pool ideas, experiences and efforts to tap on various opportunities in Malaysia as well as abroad. Its vision is to be recognized as one of the most influential retail bodies in Malaysia, supporting the development and globalization of the retail industry.

Since it was established, MRCA has developed into a very strong organisation, comprising of more than 200 leading retail chain stores operators as well as franchisors and covering more than 10,000 outlets throughout Malaysia.

With such a vast network of retail outlets, these members help provide more than 100,000 job opportunities to Malaysians across the country.




Malaysia Entrepreneurs’ Development Association (Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia - PUMM) is a multi-racial non-profit making organization. With the support by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, PUMM was established in 1993 by a group of young entrepreneurs lead by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, the CEO of Country Heights Bhd.

The main objective of forming PUMM is to create a valuable platform for entrepreneurs especially those business owners from SMIs and SMEs, to share knowledge, experience, wisdom, and to create new business opportunities through seminars, forums, workshops, business visits, business study trips etc.

Since its forming, PUMM had worked very closely with the government agency to promote the business and economic development in the country especially among the young entrepreneurs. PUMM had managed to helped many young entrepreneurs to realize their vision and played an important role in contributing towards nation economic development. In recognition for PUMM’s effort and contribution, in year 1999, the then Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had directed PUMM to assist in the country’s entrepreneurship in the “Majlis Perundingan Ekonomi Negara Kedua (MAPEN 2)”.

PUMM seek to reap the benefit of the information age by encouraging education facilities to be set up to cater for its manpower needs, and taking affirmative step forward towards making reality platform for Entrepreneurship. In addition it also encourages young Malaysian to instill stronger charisma spirit in facing the challenges of globalization ahead.

馬來西亞創業促進會(簡稱“青創會”) 是國內一家由多元種族組成的協會。它是在1996年社會法令下注冊的非盈利企業機構,並於1993年7月10日正式成立。創會會長為丹斯裡李金友。宗旨在於協助馬來西亞商家,特別是中小型企業的整合與拓展。青創會的任務,就是通過各種企業活動如企業教育,企業論壇,商業交流會,商機對話,經驗分享,國際商團聯系、海外經貿考察等活動以凝聚和整合馬來西亞青年企業家的力量與資源,以便面對全球化的挑戰,並協助會員們在全球競爭中運籌帷幄,御風而上。


The Branding Association was founded over a decade ago with the noble goal of developing the potential of Malaysian brands to be successful ventures in the global market. Our vision - then and now - is to achieve 100 internationally acclaimed brands as members by the year 2020.

The Branding Association has worked steadily towards this vision in many ways, including - but not limited to - steadily enlarging our membership base, providing learning and education platforms, organising business networking programs, offering members branding opportunities through media tie-ups and working closely with government agencies.

We have established a runway for Malaysian brands to take off and rise above others in achieving their presence and connectivity across all continents of the world. The Branding Association of Malaysia reaches out to all local SME companies to aid them in bringing out their full potentials as premium-value brands.

Our objectives, therefore, are as follows:
  • To spearhead a branding movement, especially amongst the SME communities
  • To establish a conducive business networking environment for members
  • To organise learning platforms such as forums, workshops and conferences
  • To serve as a communication bridge between business communities and government agencies

  • To this day, the Branding Association of Malaysia remains an association which is unified, with a strong foundation provided by companies and entrepreneurs possessing strong branding expertise, in order to formulate and open a solid gateway to the modern business world for all Malaysian brands – big or small – to find their long-dreamt of success.

    十多前成立的大馬品牌協會,擁有一個崇高的宗旨,即開發大馬品牌潛能成為全球市場上的成功業者。我們 恆久不變的願景,是在2020年之前能夠擁有100家享譽國際的品牌作為我們的會員。



    ─ 在國內推展品牌運動,特別是中小型企業社群。
    ─ 為會員創制一個有利的商業聯絡環境。
    ─ 舉辦研討會、工作營和大型會議等學習平台。
    ─ 作為企業與政府機構之間的一座溝通平台。


    To transform small and medium industries, enterprises and businesses into economic powerhouse of the country by 2020

    To instill and eventually ingrain deeply the concept of “learning organization” into small and medium industries, enterprises and businesses and encourage them to be export-oriented

    • To advocate the interest and needs of small and medium enterprises in Malaysia
    • To promote and develop SMEs in Malaysia
    • To organize SMEs into a more cohesive group with greater voice
    • To improve the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and performance of SMEs through a series of well-planned resource development programmes and roadshows

    SMI Association of Malaysia was established on 13th July 1995 with the objective of promoting the interest of small and medium-sized industries in Malaysia

    Since its inception, the SMI Association of Malaysia has been active in organizing relevant conference, seminars, roadshows exhibition, SME Recognition Award, Trade Missions, Business Matching, dialogs with Government ministries and agencies, and other projects to disseminate information to its members and SMI operators in the country.

    It also has its own website at http://www.smisme.com and facebook page at facebook.com/SMISMEMalaysia. Its present membership consists of about 800 organizations and over 3,000 direct and indirect SME members nationwide.

    Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (MICG) was established in March 1998 following recommendation by the High Level Finance Committee on Corporate Governance. It is a non-profit public company limited by guarantee, with founding members consisting of the Federation of Public Listed Companies (FPLC), Malaysian institute of Accountants (MIA), Malaysian Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), Malaysian institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA), and Malaysian Institute of Directors (MID).

    MICG’s mandate is to raise the awareness and practice of good corporate governance in Malaysia. The Report on Corporate Governance published by the High Level Finance Committee in March 1998 stipulates MICG as ‘The Recognized Corporate Governance Training Centre’ (CGTC). Being a company limited by guarantee, MICG does not have share capital. It is also an independent and neutral body with no affiliation.

    The President of MICG is Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Megat Najmuddin Bin Haji Megat Khas. He has held the position since 1998.

    馬來西亞企業監管協會(MICG)是於1998年3月在企業監管高級金融委員會的建議下成立的。它是一個非營利性的擔保有限公共公司,其創始會員包括公共上市公司聯會(FPLC),馬來西亞會計師協會(MIA),馬來西亞注冊公共會計師協會(MICPA),馬來西亞特許秘書與行政人員協會(MAICSA )和馬來西亞董事協會(MID)。

    MICG授權於提升馬來西亞良好企業監管的醒覺和實踐。高級金融委員會在1998年3月發布的企業監管報告中規定MICG為‘受認可的企業監管培訓中心’(CGTC)。 MICG是一個沒有股本的擔保有限公司。它也是一個沒有聯盟的獨立及中立機構。


    Founded in 1990, Malaysia-China Chamber of  Commerce (MCCC) is a non-government, non-profit, multi-ethnic and independent business association. 

    MCCC aims at promoting economic and trade development as well as bilateral investment between Malaysia and China; strengthening our relationships with government agencies and various chambers of commerce in Malaysia and China; and safeguarding the interests of our members. 

    Currently, MCCC has 1,800 corporate members, covering trade, manufacturing, finance, agriculture, real estate, tourism, education, consultation and other industries. MCCC has set up nine branches in the States of  Malacca, Perak, Johor, Penang , Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan and Pahang.

    In addition to frequent reception of delegations from various provinces and cities in China, we also organized, co-organized or participated in commodity exhibitions, economic, trade and investment fairs and conferences in Malaysia and China, such as the Canton Fair, China-ASEAN Expo, Central China Expo, West China Expo,China Jilin-Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo, China International Fair for Investment & Trade(Xiamen), Ningxia Halal Food & Product International Expo,China(Qinhai) Halal Food & Product International Expo, Kunming Trade Expo,China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair as well as the Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo, so on and so forth.

    Under the premise of creating a win-win situation, MCCC will continue our dedication to promote Sino-Malaysia economic and trade development and investment cooperation!












    PUCM (PERSATUAN USAHAWAN CHINA Di MALAYSIA) was founded in 2015 under Malaysia Society Act .

    The Association aims :
    (a) To promote business interest of China Entrepreneurs in Malaysia.
    (b) To promote business co-operation between China and Malaysia.
    (c) To promote investment and joint venture with Malaysia Entrepreneurs in Malaysia and/or in third countries.
    (d) To acquire hold deal with or dispose off all immoveable properties for the furtherance of the Association's objects.
    (e) To raise funds for the activities of the Association or in furtherance of the Association's objects.
    (f) To enhance the communication and exchange with Malaysia government departments.




    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.pucm.my
    Wechat: pucm88

    Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading organizations of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms. These firms help dynamic organisations unlock their potential for growth by providing meaningful, forward looking advice. Proactive teams led by approachable Partners in these firms, use insights, experience, and instinct to understand complex issues for privately owned, publicly listed and public sector clients and help them find solutions. More than 35,000 Grant Thornton people, across over 100 countries, are focused on making a difference to clients, colleagues and the communities in which we live and work.

    SJ Grant Thornton is the Malaysian member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd and we have been established since 1974. With offices in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuantan, we offer a full range of services to help clients of all sizes address the challenges and opportunities of growth.

    In 2013, Grant Thornton has been honoured by the International Accounting Bulletin as the ‘Network of the Year 2013’ as a result of our strategic drive, global leadership and remarkable growth around the world. We understand that this award reflects not only our strength as a global organisation, but as a collection of member firms who are all dedicated to the highest level of professional services and quality of work.

    Grant Thornton是其中一家世界領先的獨立保險機構,稅務與咨詢公司。這些公司為動態組織提供有意義,前瞻性的建議,協助激發他們的潛能發展。由這些公司平易近人的合作伙伴率領著積極的團隊,以其洞察力,經驗與直覺來分析理解復雜的問題,而協助私人,上市公司及公共領域的客戶找到解決方案。超過35,000名Grant Thornton人員,分布在100多個國家,專注於為客戶,同事與我們居住與工作的社區,帶來卓越不同的轉變,力求提供更優質的服務。

    SJ Grant Thornton成立於1974年,是Grant Thornton 國際有限公司的馬來西亞會員公司。我們的辦事處設於吉隆坡、檳城,柔佛新山及關丹,以便能協助各種規模公司的客戶應付各項挑戰與開拓發展機會。

    Grant Thornton 於2013年榮獲國際專業財會刊物的 ‘2013年度最佳國際聯盟會計師事務所’獎項,這是我們的戰略意識,全球領導地位與卓越成長的績效。這獎項不僅盡顯出我們作為全球機構的優勢,我們也匯聚了致力於提供具專業水准服務與工作質量的所有會員公司。